Roots & Flames Collection

Introducing our 'Roots and Flames Collection,' a tribute to the enduring connections that light up our lives. Within this collection, you'll find candles that celebrate the unique bonds we share with our loved ones.

'Brother Candle' and 'Father Candle' embody the strength and wisdom of the men who guide us. 'Aunt Candle' and 'Uncle Candle' represent the extra doses of love that enrich our family tapestry. 'Mother Candle' shines as the heart of our collection, symbolizing unconditional love and nurturing.

And for your closest confidante, there's 'Bestie Candle,' a nod to the friend who's been by your side through thick and thin. This candle captures the spirit of camaraderie and shared laughter that fuels your friendship.

With carefully crafted scents that reflect the essence of each family member and friend, our 'Roots and Flames Collection' is a heartfelt tribute to your loved ones. Illuminate your home with the flickering flames of love, laughter, and cherished moments. Explore our collection today and rediscover the warmth of family and friendship.


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